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Isabelle Dahlin Design 

Growing up in Sweden profoundly influenced interior designer Isabelle Dahlin’s aesthetic for deKor. Beginning when she was a little girl, Isabelle learned to associate her passion for art, home style and anything design-oriented with well-being and happiness.

Once she crossed the pond, Isabelle landed at The Otis School of Art and Design then the New School at Parsons.

After years of working as an interior designer sourcing great finds for her clients, Dahlin decided to bring a lifelong dream to fruition – to open a furniture/design boutique. deKor opened June 2011 in Echo Park, an artistic community near downtown Los Angeles.

As an expatriate, mixing styles and cultures is something that comes naturally to Dahlin. Her travels throughout Europe and Africa infuse her sense of design with an easy eclecticism. The offerings at deKor are sophisticated and cosmopolitan, yet still accessible and fun.


“I believe home environment is a huge component in your wellbeing. Your surroundings should give you a sense of comfort and warmth while expressing a personal sense of style. Happy people contribute more to their communities and help make a better world. My whimsical assortment of Swedish-American interior furnishings are hand-picked and curated with a sense of happiness and eclectic style in mind. I aim to use sustainable materials in each piece we build because that makes for a happier planet.”

- Isabelle Dahlin, founder/curator of deKor